Setting goals for 2018....

HEY Ladies ! ! !

Don't OVERTHINK your goals babe. They are YOUR goals not anyone else's. A goal is a desired result. Be realistic when it comes to your goals. There are short and long term goals. First, ask yourself what do you want this year and think about how you're going to get it? The goal of a goal LOL is to set and execute. There is no perfect way to set goals. Ask yourself if what you're doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow...

Write the vision and make it plain. - Habakkuk 2:2

3 Tips on setting goals for the New Year.

1. Buy a journal.

When is the best time to journal? Everyone is different - me personally I'm not a morning person so I choose to journal at night. After a long work day, I prefer to come home and reflect at night.

PAUSE before you Journal make sure you have a clear mind; phone away, and no distractions! Set aside at least 30 minutes to yourself once a week.

Write down your goals in your journal. Prioritize your goals- if you want to go back to school, list all of the things you must do in order to accomplish that goal. So those steps will come first and lead you to the BIG goal of going back to school. Marshalls, Ross, and Michaels sell the cutest journals for less than $10. If you don't have one already go get one now you won't regret it. Remember journals help you to prioritize and stay on track. Create to-do-lists in your journals as well and mark off tasks and/or goals as you accomplish them.

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2.LET GO & Move on.

Its always hard to move on or let go rather its a job, friendship, or relationship. Easier said than done right.. Lets be honest we've all been there before but why is it so hard to let go of bad things? In 2018 you have to commit to STOP saying YES to things you hate! Get rid of negative energy and let go of negative people PERIOD.

JOB - You can always get another job but you can't get another life. Keep in mind you can always be replaced - do what you can to get the job done but don't get weary and over work & stress yourself.

FRIENDSHIP- Don't be so quick to stop talking to your friends, especially real friends. It's the gossiping, hating, and negatives ones that you should let go.

RELATIONSHIP- I've learned from good & bad experiences that how someone treats you is how they really feel about you. Don't stay in toxic relationships because it's convenient. Convenient isn't always comfortable. I'm here to say that it's never too late to start over ladies. Don't be afraid - get out of your comfort zone & step out on faith.


3.Be Happy!

Happiness starts within, don't depend on anyone to make you happy. In the world we live in today everyone is looking to the approval of likes and comments to confirm their happiness. DON'T let that be you! "Make sure you are happy in real life, not just for social media." Figure out what makes you happy and do more of those things. If you need to, take a break from social media and exchange that time with more productive activities such as journaling, reading, cleaning etc. At times we can get so caught up in what people are posting and begin to compare our lives to others. Word of advise, everyone has a story and you never know what a person is doing or have to do to get the things they have. Focus on you and stop comparing your life to people on social media. Make up your mind to be happy in every area of your life.

xoxo babe


IAM - Chaunterria Jourdain

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