2nd Annual Vision Board Party! Purpose In Pajamas

On February 28, 2018 I hosted IamThatLady Inc. 2nd Annual Vision Board Party. Vision Board Parties are a great way to kick off the New Year. I typically have them late February so that we can “March into our Purpose”.

This year’s Vision Board Party I wanted it to be intimate and Inspiring. Also, I decided to create a cute theme to make things even more exciting! Purpose In Pajamas “Don’t sleep on your dreams, they will give you nightmares.” Wake up & make it happen sis. I intentionally chose the pajamas theme because that's when we usually feel most comfortable. Also, I wanted the atmosphere to be welcoming and comfortable and I must say from the energy in the room to the music on the speakers it was!

A Vision Board Party is great for a girls night in with your friends and/or family. The goal is to laugh, create, network, and share your goals. Some of the activities I did are listed....

  • Bucket List

  • 30 seconds of fame

  • Cupcakes and Conversations

  • Vision and Vibes

Dinner is served chicken, meatballs, seafood salad, devil eggs, and rolls. Of course there’s no such things as a ladies night without wine. I must say I make the best sangria because everyone was going crazy over it!!

All of the decorations was done by me, most of the decor was purchased from Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree and Michael's. The lovely treats were made by @allyoucansweet. Everything was perfect!

Overall the 2nd Annual Vision Board Party was a success. I would love to host Vision Board events for teenagers, different organizations, and small girls’ nights for friends.

What was my favorite part?

I would have to say Cupcakes & Convos!!! OMG, I just love when ladies let go and express themselves. It’s therapeutic and inspiring.. you never know how your story can help someone else. Don’t be afraid to let your voice be heard! The conversation went from teen parenting, jealousy, being confident, dating to finding your purpose. In addition to watching everyone put their visions down; scrambling around to find a house- a degree - a baby for me LOL - and the list goes on to put on their boards was amazing.

What will I do different next year?

I plan to invite a guest speaker out, possible do a pop up shop, and some other cool things. I don’t want to let the balloon go to quick so I will hold on to the other details.

Why do I host Vision Board Parties?

The goal is to have ladies who are complete strangers come out to connect, create, and share their dreams. I believe that we can connect and not compete.

Why should I make a Vision Board? Here’s three reasons!

  1. Focus - Declutter your mind and put your goals on paper.

  2. Visual - Visualize what you want, you have to believe it before you can see it.

  3. Think - Here’s an opportunity to actually think about those things that you want.

I hope you’ve made your vision board for 2018. If not it’s never too late.What are your goals for the year and how are you going to accomplish them?

Vision Boards are FUN!!!

Watch your vision manifest in your life. Hang your vision board up somewhere you will see it everyday so you will have that constant daily reminder to go after your dreams!

Stay tuned Vision Board Party 2K18 is complete!!!


- CJ


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