Graduated from College, Now what?

Senior year of college is like a roller coaster, your stomach has butterflies and you’re excited for the ride. It’s the ultimate adrenaline rush, you feel like you’ve reach the top and you don’t want it to end. But the ride typically last 2 minutes and now you’re getting off and it’s time to enter the workforce.   

Do you find yourself sometimes regretting you spent four years in college because now you can’t find a job in your field? Or are you stressed out working entry level jobs with a salary less than your college debt? Maybe you’ve landed a job in your career choice field and hate it? No matter where you find yourself on the life after college spectrum remember to keep a positive mindset and stay focus on your end goal.  

I know we all believed that going to college would make us a millionaire.

W R O N G, they lied to us or did anyone actual tell us that? IDK - I think it’s just one of those myths we’ve always heard. “If you could get it through your millennial brain that you have to start at the bottom and work our way up we’ll be okay” - says a person who has been on their job for 30 years. I too believed that because I have a Masters Degree I deserve the same pay as the person with no degree but has been in the position for 5 years. That’s a different topic for another day whew child the debate!! LOL 

Nonetheless having a degree will set you aside from others when going into an interview most times but after graduation is when the real hard work begins. By hard work I mean networking, reaching out to everyone you know who could possibly connect you to a job opportunity, attend career fairs and have your elevator speech ready!! 

It takes approximately 15 secs for the elevator to go from one floor to the next... So imagine Oprah is on the elevator and you have 15 secs, G O what would you say? 

Write it down & try to remember it! 

When pitching your elevator speech try to focus on where your are currently in your professional life (ex: recent graduate or currently employed at..) your skills and interest. Don’t get too personal! 

Many employers will trade recent graduates non work experience for volunteer and internships. Volunteering and doing internships equal experience for college grads. Most employers want to see that you graduated college but that you did some type of service in the related field you’re applying to. 


-Create a LinkedIn account (download the app)  so that you can follow potential employer’s Human Resources managers, past professors, and colleagues. 

-Create a resume and cover letter for your field of choice and from then on tailor it based on the job you’re applying to. Honestly I have about 3 resumes some things could be more or less important depending on the position. You have to know when to leave some things out everything won’t make the 1 page cut! 

-Create an indeed account and set it up so that you’re able to get alerts to your email of specific type of positions that you’re interested in. For example, if you would like a list of all of the social service jobs it’s generated to email you as the positions are posted.

-Purchase a black, navy , or grey suit. This will be your interview suit!

Finding a job within your field is a full-time commitment within its self. Be prepared to spend about three months on the job search process. I understand it can be stressful, draining, and worrisome but if something is for you it will be for you.

If you haven’t graduated yet and you’re reading this it’s never too early to prepare for graduation. Don’t wait until your senior year to begin your job search process. 

VOLUNTEER VOLUNTEER VOLUNTEER while you’re in college!!! 

Get an internship before you graduate!! Most internships can become Full-Time positions. So take your internship serious; be on time and take initiative. 

These are just some of the things I wish someone told me before graduating from college and going out into the workforce. Good Luck on your journey to your dream career! Remember that your dream career won’t fall out the sky you have to work hard. Last, your current job doesn’t have to be your forever job. 

This blog is not to discourage anyone from attending college because I truly enjoyed my college experience. I finished with two degrees and was fortunate to find a job within my career field. I believe it’s important to bring awareness to these type of hidden gems as I like to call them. 

Xoxo Babes 

- Chaunterria Jourdain 

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