6 Skin Care products to treat acne scars for $10 or less

1. Soap & Glory Vitamin C Facial Wash

Price : $10.99 Target

Vitamin C facial wash is my favorite cleanser right now and forever. It’s warm on the skin and it has micro beads for exfoliating as well to dig deep into your pores. It comes in a really cute container which all soap & glory products are pretty. I found this cleanser while searching for vitamin c products.

2. Cocoa Butter Even-tone fade cream

Price: $6.97 Walmart

Coco butter has always been known to be the best leading product for scars and bruises. So when my cousin's close friend recommended the fade cream I felt confident that it would work. I dab this cream on my skin every night and it soaks into my skin on its own. DON'T RUB IT ALL THE WAY IN. I honestly can say I saw results in a week. The best $6 I’ve ever spent. It’s a really good moisturizer as well. It’s really thick so you don’t have to use too much.

3. Organic Apple cider vinegar

Price: $5.99 Target

Okay so I’m just going to tell you all, this is just one of those products you have to try for yourself. It WORKS for dark spots. I put a small amount on a cotton pad and put it on my dark spots. I would not suggest putting it on your entire face because it's very strong!

4. Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel

Price: $4.89 Target

Witch hazel is the God of toners. I use a cotton pad to put it on after I cleanse and dry my face .I love the Dickerson brand it smells nice and is all natural. This product isn’t harsh and doesn’t dry my skin out.

5. Indian Healing Clay Mask

Price: $10.00 Amazon

So I finally gave in and purchased this product on amazon after seeing it all over YouTube and Instagram. I usually exfoliate twice a week some people say once but you have to know what your skin can take. And I hate to see the little black heads in my nose and masking helps this problem. I mix my Indian clay mask with apple cider vinegar but you could use water as well. The vinegar is really strong so don’t put too much just an FYI your eyes may burn. But afterwards your skin will feel so soft and smooth it will be worth it. There’s not really any tickling sensation or anything. Just watch TV or listen to a podcast for 20 mins until it’s dries and wash it off.

6. Mario Badescu Facial Spray with aloe, cucumber, and green tea

Price: $5.00 travel size Ulta Beauty

This spray is life it makes your skin feel refreshing and gives it that natural glow. My favorite one right now is the aloe, green tea, and cucumber that was a gift to me. You can find other fragrances in Ulta, don’t be alarmed by the different “fragrances” because I haven’t experienced any bad reactions. My skin is super sensitive and I’ve tried all of their facial sprays.

Here's a look at my skincare regime!

When my skin told me I couldn’t consume dairy I quickly became dy free.

NO MORE ICE CREAM DATES!!! I never was a big dairy person so it wasn’t that hard for me but if you’re start off by cutting back a little and see if you notice a difference in your skin. Also, other things that can be triggers are fried foods, lots of sugar, hair in your face, and sodas. You honestly have to pay attention to your skin and watch what you consume in your body.

Remember babes





In that order


- My dermatologist told me I needed vitamin c, glycerin, and benzol peroxide to correct my dark spots. So I focused solely on finding products with those ingredients in them.

- If it’s day time use sunscreen on your way out, you wouldn’t want your hard skin care work to go to waste! It’s proven that the sun makes your acne scars darker.

- On my exfoliating days I cleanse, exfoliate(mask), tone & moisturize. I use another product which is a vitamin c serum by Mario Badescu but it’s not <$10 it’s pretty pricey ($45) but highly recommend if you have dark spots. Here's the link!


I am not a dermatologist but I consider myself somewhat an expert from experience haha after all I have tried almost every product there is. Everyone's skin is different, what works for my skin may not work for yours but my skin is super sensitive and the products listed above has corrected my dark spots for sure!

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I'm just a lady who is determined to have clear skin!

February- May - July

Xoxo Babes,

- Chaunterria Jourdain

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